Mission 1: Objectives of the Company

- Developing, producing and selling the highest quality tool steels, high speed tool steels and special materials.

- We achieve profitability in order to meet owner expectations and to attract the best employees in the industry. These actions enable us to finance ongoing investments thus securing our future.

Mission 2: Market Positioning:

- Our products are regarded as among the best in the world and serve as a benchmark for competitors.

- We aim to secure and develop the market leadership based on our high quality, ability to innovate and worldwide distribution network.

Mission 3: Customers:

- Customer satisfaction and the trust which our customers have in our products and services are central to our activities. We deliver the agreed quality at the agreed time, reacting to changes in customer wishes in a flexible way.

- We recognize customer needs and create distinct competitive advantages for them by means of joint developments and tailor-made services.

Mission 4: Technology

- We continuously work on the improvement of our processes, guaranteeing consistently high standards of quality.

- Metallurgical knowledge and expertise are our strengths. A forward-looking investment policy and targeted process developments ensure our technological leadership.


Vision 1: Our company sets the highest standards world high-tech steel and high performance metallurgical materials.

Vision 2: Working in partnership with our customers ensures a distinct competitive advantage.

Vision 3: We look to the future using our knowledge and years of experience in the field.

Vision 4: The active contribution of every single employee ensures our common future.

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