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General presentation

The heat treatment section was inaugurated in June 2008 and it is spread on an area of ​​400 m² it has furnaces for vacuum heat treatment and thermochemical treatment(Rübig, IVA, Elho and Elterma). This section optimizes heat treatment processes using equipment that incorporates the latest technology to meet a wider range of requirements.

Computer-aided processes, continuous monitoring of processes and professional staff are a guarantee of superior quality of the provided services.

Provided services

·     Heat treatments

a) Hardening and annealing for special steels in vacuum

b) Annealing and stress relieving vacuum

·     Thermochemical treatments

a) Nitriding and oxidation

b) Nitrocarbureting,


The main advantages of vacuum hardening and annealing are low distortion, low technological additions and clean surface appearance.

Regarding nitrocarburetings and nitriding / oxidation main advantages are getting large shallow hardness, corrosion protection and good appearance and increase the life of cutting tools.

Informations - maximum charge


Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 900 mm

Quantity: 600,0 Kg

The maximum temperature: 1250°C

Tempering / Annealing / Stress relieving:

Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 900 mm

Quantity: 600,0 Kg

The maximum temperature: 750°C

Nitriding / Nitrocarburetings / Oxidation:

Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 900 mm

Quantity: 500,0 Kg

The maximum temperature: 750°C

Other services

In the laboratory of the heat treatment section can be made:

  • Hardness tests : HRC, HV, HB,
  • Metallography,
  • US Control,
  • Advice on selection, use and heat treatment of steels,
  • Seminars.

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