Special Materials


Bohler is recognised as a leading producer of special materials for the offshore, aerospace, medical and automotive industries, together with a worldwide reputation in turbine blading bar.  Success in supplying to such industries has only been achievable by gaining the relevant approvals from many of the top O.E.M.s throughout the world, proving that our quality is second-to-none. 

Our production range includes over 400 special material grades including creep-resistant stainless, nickel-based alloys and high temperature alloys.  The steel can be supplied in many forms from bar, billet, sheet and plate to custom forged and finished products for rotors, shafts, blades and disc applications.

Who turned on the lights?

Supplying the necessary power whilst minimising the ecological impact is one of the challenges of this generation. Turbines for generators, driven by gas steam or water power, are at the heart of the economy and subsequently our standard of living.The materials used here are subjected to extremes of thermal and mechanical loading. An ongoing test which could not be harder.For this application, BÖHLER has developed steels and alloys, e.g. nickel and cobalt based, which make a continuous increase in the efficiency of turbines possible.The world’s leading turbine manufacturers are among our customers.

Ensuring mobility.

No other branch of industry has made its mark on the economy in quite the same way as the automotive industry. Only the best can succeed in the fierce competition over product quality, reliability, innovation, deliverability. For many years now, Böhler has risen to meet this challenge.  As a result we count the world’s leading automotive companies and their suppliers among our customers. In product development we have concentrated our efforts on highly-loaded materials in the engines e.g. on components such as injection valves, piston rings or valves. Continuous development ensures that the boundaries of possibility are pushed back time and time again. 

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