Special steel - the material for innovation

They have moved borders and united continents. They carry people and goods on the road and on railway tracks, through the air and the water. They generate electricity, shape the earth, manufacture goods which we need every day. They have reached the moon, they help people to navigate by satellite and save lives daily. "They" are engineering materials: special steels and highly alloyed metals. They are fascinating. A challenge for our researchers' inventive spirits and the precision of manufacturers. We bear the challenge and deliver the material which technology needs, the material which will continue to keep the world in motion.

Special Steels for the Future

Böhler is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of high speed steel, tool steel and special materials. The company focuses its efforts on materials with extremely demanding applications. Böhler has always played a significant role in brand development and basic metallurgy with which others are compared. The proof is the 250 Böhler steel grades. These materials are used in obtaining the goods we use every day. For example the processing tools such as molds for the plastic processing, cold-processing tools for punching, bending and cutting tools for processing hot casting under pressure, or very demanding applications in aerospace, turbine power generators electrical, medical, or extraction of oil at sea. Our contribution to the economy is to provide materials that enable our customers and achieve improved design productivity they need to compete.

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